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York Comprehensive Plan Update

We had a great turnout for our first public workshop! Click HERE to see a video recording of the virtual workshop and the power point slides from the in person event.

If you missed the first workshop, there will be more. Stay tuned. In the meantime take the survey and visit the community forum and leave a post.


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Smart Growth

Comprehensive Plan Update


The Plan will focus strategically on the community's main priorities and key issues, which will be identified during the planning process.


Taking a SMART GROWTH approach means adopting development and conservation strategies that protect our health and natural environment and make our communities attractive, economically viable, socially diverse, and resilient!

The Town of York, along with its consultant team CC Environment & Planning and LaBella, funded by NYS Department of State, is developing a Smart Growth Comprehensive Plan Update.


  • Scott Hulbert (ZBA)

  • Molly Cummings (True North Farm & Yoga)

  • Leslie Hamilton (Triple H Farms)

  • Frank Rose (Deputy Supervisor)

  • Carl A. Peter (Code Enforcement)

  • Becky Lewis (Trail Town Committee, Linwood Gardens)

  • Steve Beardsley (York Central School)

  • Joe Mcllroy (Planning Board)

  • Davies Nagel (Trail Town Committee)

Get Involved!

Community Engagement

Be Heard!

Share your thoughts and comments on the Idea Board and take our quick survey.


Workshops will be interactive opportunities to explore important issues in the Town of York and to participate in hands-on planning exercises. Join us for our first workshop at 6:30PM  on January 31st at th Town Hall. EVERYONE WELCOME!

Get Information!

Here you will find all documents, maps, and resources associated with the Comprehensive Plan Update.

Comprehensive Plan Resources

Document Library

Here you will find all documents, maps, and resources associated with the Comprehensive Plan Update.

Events and Planning Schedule

Public Workshop: Join us on January 31, 2024 - 6:30PM - Town Hall

Virtual Option: Zoom meeting January 31, 2024 - 12pm-1pm - Register Here

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